ENJOY Avallen Calvados Apple Brandy: An award-winning spirit from Normandy, crafted with care and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, it's a luxury that speaks to both tradition and sustainability. It’s heritage is rich in premium apple brandy traditions.

    A REVOLUTION IN SPIRITS packaging, the paper bottle is less breakable than glass, super light, has a carbon footprint a fraction of glass, your Climate Positive journey starts here.

    A BURST OF APPLE FLAVOURS greets the first sip, unfolding into a toffee apple finish, richly warming and sweet, with a subtle hint of vanilla custard. Each mouthful celebrates pure ingredients: apples, water, and time, 2 years aged in oak barrels.

    SMELLS OF CRISP, FRESHLY CUT APPLES and the delicate floral notes of honeysuckle, this inviting bouquet transports your senses straight to the lush orchards of Normandy.

    SO MUCH MORE THAN BRANDY: Create & customise delicious homemade Cocktails, Bakes, or desserts into real treats that celebrate Normandy's harvests of the Premium apples used to make Avallen Calvados.

    SUSTAINABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP within 20 miles from the distillery using natural fermentation and traditional distillation techniques without added sugar, caramel, or artificial additives. every bottle of Avallen is as pure as it is delicious.

    YOUR COCKTAILS, YOUR WAY: So how do the elite bartenders make the famed refreshingly sublime Avallen Appletini? Mix 4 parts Avallen Calvados with 3 parts apple juice, 2 parts lemon juice, and 1 part sugar, shake vigorously with ice. Make it indulgent!