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    Cognac Gift

    Our Cognac gift sets feature some of the finest cognacs from renowned brands like Remy Martin. These sets are perfect for those who appreciate the rich and complex flavors of well-aged cognac. Highlights include:

    Hennessy XO Cognac

    A luxurious extra old cognac blend with a bouquet of late summer fruit and floral notes, offering a sophisticated tasting experience for cognac enthusiasts.

    Hennessy Very Special Cognac NBA Collector’s Edition 2024

    Perfect for connoisseurs and basketball fans, this exclusive set combines premium cognac with a unique NBA-themed design. It’s a must-have addition to any fine spirits or sports memorabilia collection.


    Vodka Gift Set

    For vodka lovers, our vodka gift sets include a variety of premium options, offering a versatile tasting experience. These sets are ideal for anyone who enjoys experimenting with different vodka cocktails. A standout set includes:

    The Lakes Distillery English Vodka & Cocktail Shaker Set

    This elegant set features The Lakes Distillery English Vodka, known for its smooth and pure taste. Accompanied by a sophisticated cocktail shaker, this set is perfect for those who love crafting high-end cocktails at home.


    Liqueur Gift Sets

    Our liqueur gift sets are ideal for those who enjoy sweet and flavourful spirits. These sets make perfect gifts for adding a touch of indulgence to various beverages. Key sets include:

    Baileys Original Hot Chocolate Mug Gift Pack

    This delightful set is great for adding to coffee or desserts. It includes Baileys Original Irish Cream and a hot chocolate mug.

    Mozart Liqueur x4 Set - White, Gold, Coffee and Dark Chocolate

    This set features four exquisite liqueurs from Mozart, each offering a unique flavour experience:

    • White Chocolate
    • Gold Chocolate (vanilla, chocolate and caramel)
    • Coffee Chocolate
    • Dark Chocolate

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