Glenfiddich Grand Series & A New 29 Year Old Limited Release - Grand Yozakura

Glenfiddich Grand Series – Introducing Grand Yozakura 29-Year-Old Limited-Edition Single Malt Whisky

Glenfiddich has unveiled the newest edition to its renowned Grand Series collection – Grand Yozakura, a limited-edition 29-year-old single malt whisky inspired by magical moments of fleeting beauty when Japanese cherry blossoms are viewed and admired under moonlight.

The Grand Series collection represents the epitome of Glenfiddich’s truly disruptive and definitive Speyside malt. All represent the merging of two traditional worlds, harmonising Glenfiddich’s finest aged whisky with differing cask finishes to present a unique and dazzling twist.

Grand Yozakura joins Glenfiddich’s three other single malts in the Grand Series collection - Grande Couronne, Grand Cru, and Gran Reserva.

Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura 29-Year-Old - Limited-Edition Release – 45.1% ABV

Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura 29-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky is a pure poetic expression of East meets West. Inspired by the ethereal glow of Japanese cherry blossom at night, this deep gold single malt has spent 29 years maturing in American oak casks before being finished in rare Japanese Awamori casks, elevating the smooth Glenfiddich taste profile to a new level.

On the nose, it has zesty ripe fruits and caramelised almonds. On the palate, indulgent layers of toasted oak, creamy vanilla, and sherbet lemon lead to a long-lasting oak finish.

A true collector’s item, Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura’s bottle has an elegant Japanese calligraphy seal and is presented in a black box decorated with beautiful Sakura artwork and a traditional poem.

Japanese Blossom Tree Night

Glenfiddich Grande Couronne 26-Year-Old – 43.8% ABV

Glenfiddich Grande Couronne 26-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky is vibrant and lively, the ‘crowning glory of any celebration,’ and the epitome of true opulence. Its name, which refers to the French word for crown, promises true excellence in every drop. This antique gold malt is aged in oak before an extended finish in rare French Cognac casks.

On the nose, it has an abundance of toasty oak sweetness. On the palate, velvety smooth notes of café crème, soft brown sugar, and a hint of spice. Its long-lasting, sweet oak finish makes it a perfect fit for those looking to create lifelong memories. 

A whisky fit for grand celebrations, Glenfiddich Grande Couronne’s bottle is beautifully decorated with gold filigree and is presented in a box embellished with Renaissance-style fresco artwork.

Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23-Year-Old – 40% ABV

Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky is daring and unexpected, embodying the finest flavours of both Scotland and France. This luxury deep gold malt is finished in rare French cuvée casks for up to six months, awakening its decadent aromas and flavours. 

On the nose, it has notes of apple blossom, freshly baked bread, and candied lemon. On the palate, is a merger of sweet brioche, sandalwood and pear sorbet with a long, opulent, and sweet finish that brings to mind the pleasure of drinking a celebratory glass of Champagne. 

Undoubtedly a talking point at any occasion, Glenfiddich Grand Cru’s sleek black bottle is topped with a gold seal and is presented in a black box featuring a golden starburst design.

Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21-Year-Old – 40% ABV

Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky is a harmony of whisky tradition and whisky rebellion, representing the best of Scotland and the Caribbean. This dark gold malt is aged patiently in American and European oak casks before being finished in Reserva rum casks to add warmth and a Caribbean zing.  

On the nose, it has intense sweet vanilla and banana. The palate presents pepper, sharp ginger, fig, and lime which dance together to build a crescendo of sweet toffee and spicy warmth, perfectly crafted to add a touch of indulgence to any occasion.

A whisky to nurture over fun, invigorating conversations, Glenfiddich Gran Reserva is presented in an amber-coloured box complete with Caribbean-inspired illustrations that match the warm hues of an island sunset. 

Glenfiddich Grand Series Range

Glenfiddich is a fifth generation, family-run distillery founded by William Grant & Sons. The brand has a long history of whisky innovation and experimentation and Grand Yozakura is no exception - being the first single malt whisky ever to have been finished in Japanese Awamori casks.

There’s no getting around it, Grand Yozakura is a bit of a splurge, but Glenfiddich is a name that sets the gold standard for single malt whisky, synonymous with special occasions, memorable moments, and extravagant celebrations.