It’s B Corp Month!

March is a month to celebrate for many reasons; we’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, Spring has officially sprung - and we celebrate all things B Corp! We take a moment to recognise, celebrate and share the love for B Corps and discover what’s possible when businesses think beyond profit.


The theme for 2023 is ‘We Go Beyond’. We Go Beyond is intended to show the world that B Corp is more than just a status. It’s about going beyond in every way – sustainability, local community activity and responsibility to the wider community of stakeholders.

But first, a bit of background…

What is B Corp?

It’s a movement made up of around 6000 B Corp companies around the world – including over 1,200 in the UK alone!

These businesses are united in their determination for change and follow a framework designed to meet high standards of environmental performance, social responsibility, transparency and accountability - making decisions that serve communities, consumers, employees and the environment.

All over the world, businesses are jumping at the opportunity to join the movement…

And we’re one of them!

Pending Bcorp Logo

Pending B Corp

At The Whisky Stock, we are 100% committed to our own environmental and social goals and strive to bring you a wide choice of sustainable whisky and spirits brands.

We were awarded Pending B Corp status last year. Pending B Corp status is awarded to young companies who are looking to incorporate B Corp principles into their businesses. They can begin to measure, manage and improve their social and environmental impact, with a view to later obtaining full B Corp Certification.

We’re hoping to achieve full B Corp Certification this year. Once we get it, we’ll be the first online spirits retailer in the UK to have B Corp Certification!

From then on we will need to maintain our high standards, report our B Corp score, publish an impact report every year and will need to re-certify every three years.

It’s a lot of work and commitment, but we’re dedicated to the cause and determined to make a difference.

Bruichladdich & Nc’Nean – Going Beyond

With whisky and spirits producers around the world regularly starting their B Corp journey and applying for certification, many more are set to achieve this status and join the movement over the coming years.

However, only two Scotch whisky producers in the UK currently have B Corp Certification. These are Bruichladdich and Nc’Nean. But how did they achieve their status and how do they take steps to ‘Go Beyond’?


Bruichladdich is a whisky and gin distillery based on the remote southwestern tip of the Hebridean Island of Islay. After successfully achieving its B Corp Certification in May 2020, Bruichladdich became the first Scotch whisky distillery to be certified in the UK!

It received a B Corp impact score of 83.2 points, which it attributes to its water recycling system, use of 100% green energy, generous staff benefits packages and active involvement in the local island community.

Bruichladdich produces The Classic Laddie, its flagship unpeated single malt; Port Charlotte, a range of heavily peated single malts; Octomore, a range of super-heavily peated single malts and The Botanist – Islay Dry Gin.

Bruichladdich Distillery Image


Nc’Nean is an independent organic whisky and spirits distillery based on the remote Morvern peninsula of the western Highlands. It became the first net-zero distillery in the UK in July 2021 and earned its B Corp Certification in January 2022.

It received an impressive B Corp impact score of 135.6 points. It credits this to its use of organic Scottish barley, renewable energy, 100% recycled glass bottles and its waste recycling initiative.

Nc’Nean produces Organic Single Malt Scotch Whisky, various limited edition small batch releases and Organic Botanical Spirit.

Nc'Nean Single Malt Organic Whisky

How you can ‘do your bit’ for B Corps

As a curious whisky and spirits drinker, you can begin to learn more about B Corps. You can support these companies by buying their products – look for the iconic B Corp logo! - and spread the word to friends and family.

By supporting B Corp brands and companies, you can help drive positive change and promote a more sustainable and responsible future for all of us.

Happy B Corp month!