Our Journey to B Corp Certification

A little more than two years ago, we embarked on our B Corp journey. It all began with a simple desire to improve and create a positive impact.

After two years we can finally say: We made it! The Whisky Stock is officially a B Corp. And not only that, but we’re the first online whisky & spirits retailer worldwide to become B Corp certified. Now that’s something to shout about, isn’t it?

We’re mighty proud to call ourselves a B Corp and raise the bar alongside some of our favourite spirits producers and distilleries, who are also waving their own B Corp flags.

proud to be certified bcorp whisky cheers

B Corp? What’s that?

B Corps, short for Benefit Corporations, are companies that hold themselves to strict social and environmental standards in the way they approach business. By balancing profit with purpose, they commit to using business as a force for good by positively impacting their employees, community, and the environment. B Corps are certified by B Lab, a nonprofit organisation that assesses the company’s performance, accountability, and transparency. B Lab began in 2006 with a mission to challenge our economic system and change it to one that benefits both people and planet, not just stakeholders’ pockets.

How did we do it?

The process of becoming B Corp certified is split into different categories. Our journey to certification involved a deep dive by B Lab into our governance structure, treatment of workers, community engagement, environmental practices, and overall impact on society. So what are we doing in these areas to ensure we’re B Corp worthy? Well, we’ll tell you.


The way we run our business is important to us – we’re not just winging it. We adhere to carefully constructed policies and codes of conduct that ensure compliance with ethical standards, laws and regulations. These policies and codes of conduct mean we hold ourselves accountable for how we conduct our business – like day-to-day running of operations, management of staff, and decision-making.


We truly believe that our employees are the backbone of our business, so we want to look after them. We prioritise social wellbeing for all our employees, and this doesn’t just stop at basic remuneration. We provide medical insurance, regular bonuses, and opportunities for promotions. Like with our governance, we have put strong equality policies in place. This means equal opportunities for everybody. Whether you’re a junior just starting out on your journey with The Whisky Stock, or a long-standing member of our team with several years under your belt – it’s a level playing ground here. Our differences are our strengths, and we want everyone to feel valued.


We might be an online whisky retailer, but that doesn’t mean our appreciation doesn’t extend to our local community, too. How our actions and decisions affect those around us is always on our minds, from our choice in local suppliers to our environmental policies. We’re always striving to improve


We’ve made sure that all of our packaging can be recycled and we’ve also introduced waste management facilities in-house so that we can sort and process waste created by our business in a safe, environmentally responsible, and efficient manner. And there’s more, our head office operates from a building that adheres to strict environmental regulations which includes its use of renewable energy. As an environmentally conscious brand, we’re always working to lower our carbon footprint. Because we want to be sure that the only mark we’re leaving is a legacy of superb spirits and satisfied customers.

What’s the score?

We achieved a whopping 90 on our B Corp impact score!

To certify as a B Corp, companies must achieve a score of over 80 points. B Lab encourages companies undergoing an impact assessment to aim for a score between 80 to 85 points. Many companies don’t reach 80 the first time they apply, so with a score of 90 on our first go, we’re over the moon!


What this means for our story

Sustainability has been at the heart of our operations at The Whisky Stock from day one. Our aim has always been to bring our favourite whisky and spirits products to the market without harming the planet. Becoming a B Corp means that both as individuals and as a business, we are being held to a higher standard socially and environmentally. This certification doesn’t simply tell the world that we’re doing our bit and having a positive impact, but it makes sure we’re actually doing it, too. This achievement also means we can assure our customers that they’re buying from an ethical brand. One that cares not only for its own people, but for its environment and the population in general. We’re all one planet, after all.

What’s next?

Being B Corp is a journey, not a destination. We might be chuffed with our 90 score, but this certainly isn’t the end of the road for us. As far as we’re concerned, it’s just the beginning. We know we have a long future ahead of us, so we’re setting the standards now. We intend on improving every single year, so whilst all our policies are permanent, we’ll be reevaluating and updating them regularly so that we have continuous improvement in all areas of our business. But for now, we’re celebrating! Cheers!

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